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Mission & Purpose

Our Vision...




Our Mission...

"ACPM owes its very existence to Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia. It was 10 years ago (2002) that CIDB embarked on its mission to formalize skills training in Project Management. Today CIDB's noble effort bearing fruit. We, the members of ACPM, are the epitome of  CIDB's success. We carry on our shoulder to responsibility to make CIDB's dream come true".


Our Purpose ...

The Association shall promote the advancement of all aspects of the project and programme management in the construction-related fields.


Our Objectives ...

Persuant to our vision, mission and purpose, the Association shall deemed to be its raison d'etre:

(a) to provide an organisation for practioners and professionals of project and programme management in the form of a learned and a scientific society

(b) to generally represent the views of the project and programme management practioners and professionals in the construction field.

(c) to hold meetings, exhibitions and visits and such other activities as the association may deemed incidental or conducive to the promotion or attainment of the profession of project management.

(d) to raise the character and status and advance the interest of the profession of project management and those engaged therein.

(e) to promote honorable practice and professional etiquette among members of the association.

(f) to communicate to members information on all matters affecting the profession of project management and to print, publish, issue and circulate such publications as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the association.

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