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the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) with the support of the National Council of Vocational Training (MLVK) has established a competency and knowledge based certification and accreditation program  incompliance with the Malaysian National Competency Standard (NCS) for the Project Managers in construction. CIDB shall maintain a roster of Certified Construction Project Managers (CCPM)  for those Project Managers with the necessary qualification, construction experiences and achieved required competency.  The CCPM registration shall be maintained by taking up the required continuous professional development (CPD) points through CIDB.



- Improving the quality of works at construction sites through effective management by qualified Project Manager.

- Ensuring Project Manager meet the National Competency Standard developed by the Industry.

- Recognising and enhancing the career of Project Manager.

- Providing the platform for systematic accreditation of Project Manager.


The Benefits:

- for the project management personnel their certification acknowledges their qualification and level of competence.  CCPM program added specialist knowledge and competency in Construction recognised in Malaysia Construction Industry.

- for the supplier of project management services the certification demonstrates their corporate and employees's professional qualification and competence.

- for the client, more certainty to get qualified and competent services from project management professionals.

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