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Home Home Bulletin Issues of Late and Non-payment Among Contractors In Malaysia

Issues of Late and Non-payment Among Contractors In Malaysia

By:  M. Fikri Hasmori, Izuddin Ismail & Ilias Said
       School of Housing, Building & Planning
       Universiti Sains Malaysia (MALAYSIA)
The Malaysia Construction Industry to be World Class by 2015 as vision by Malaysia Construction Industry Master Plan (CIMP) (2005 – 2015). Outlined with the CIMP are the vision, mission, critical success factors, seven (7) strategic thrusts and twenty one (21) strategic recommendations that will channelize the development of the Malaysian Construction Industry through the following decade. Focusing on strategic thrust No.2, it is aimed to strengthen the construction industry image. It is recommended that an Act be enacted to address non-payment, late payment and other payment related issues in the construction industry. Therefore, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia has moved forward for the enactment of Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act to meliorate cash flow problem in the Malaysian construction industry.