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To maintain ACPM’s noble aspirations and the dignity of the profession, awarding of membership and shall only be awarded to members deemed to have met a set of criteria becoming of members of an elite and prestigious organization.  

  • Practitioners of others construction-related professions such as architect, engineers and quantity surveyors and others who are participating in project delivery, are encouraged to become members of ACPM so that they may further contribute to the body of knowledge (BOK) of project management.  

  • Others with relevant experience in construction projects will find membership in ACPM will open a new perspective that views project management as a coherent system that can be adjusted to suit clients’needs.  

  • We invite and welcome all the qualified Project Managers to join our  membership as:

—Application opens to all practitioners in construction industry to apply but the membership is limited to those with qualifications and/or experience in fields or discipline related to project management in construction.


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